This page contains some (web) design graphics that services can use when their users login with an edu-ID account. Service Providers in the Switch edu-ID federation are encouraged to use the following graphical elements to make the login experience for end-users more consistent.

Note: The product name AAI and SWITCHaai has been discontinued. Switch edu-ID is fully backwards compatible to AAI and is the only term to be used for the Swiss academic identity federation. (Under the hood, many technical elements of the SWITCHaai federation are still operational and will remain to do so.)

For use of the graphical elements below by non Switch edu-ID participants or for other uses than on edu-ID login-related web pages, please ask the edu-ID team for permission first. We also might have more and better suited material for you.

Switch edu-ID Logos

Normal logo


Download as PNG, SVG


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Circle logo


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Multiline logo


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Small Icon


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Switch edu-ID Login Buttons

Login Button


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Login Button for dark background


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Login Button for dark background with edge


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