Internal identifier

For internal use only

The swissEduID SHOULD NOT be exposed to users. Its usage is restricted to identity management services at organizations (see restrictions below).


The edu-ID Internal Identifier swissEduID is represented in UUID Version 4 format.


  • 6c17b073-3e37-4c4a-83c8-be85ee353d23
  • f5b0c371-115c-4a84-ac8f-2cfe24b1aff5
  • 4c09e224-8fb3-4984-ba72-75dba7d98e03

All characters are lower case. See details in attribute specification (pdf).


A swissEduID Internal Identifier is issued when a SWITCH edu-ID account is created.
The creation of a SWITCH edu-ID account together with the associated swissEduID can be initiated

  • by self-registration and filling-in a form on a web site, or
  • by deriving a SWITCH edu-ID account from an active digital identity like AAI


Common SPs should use swissEduPersonUniqueID or eduPersonTargetedID to identify a returning user.

The swissEduID identifier is reserved for identity management applications at organizations. It has to be specifically released to SPs. To get this attribute for your SP set it as required in the resource registry an send a request to to have it released to your SP. Include in your request the entity ID of your SP and a justification why your SP requires the identifier.