Phase 2: Technical implementation

In this phase a technical specification is derived from the adoption concept of phase 1, which can then be implemented and tested. The specification and implementation phase may overlap the preparation of phase 3 (user transition).

The required building blocks below strongly depend on the chosen adoption concept. Only some of them needs to be implemented by an organization.

0. Preparation - request customized checklist from SWITCH:

SWITCH has prepared three checklists that are specifically set-up for each organization

  • List of technical tasks to be completed by SWITCH and/or the organization
  • List of attibutes to be supported by the organization
  • List of critical SPs that are to be tested using the edu-ID staging IdP

SWITCH provides these checklists in a shared SWITCHdrive folder. Completed tasks can then be jointly checked by SWITCH and/or staff of the migrating organization.

1. Implement a linking service to onboard organizational members:

Implement one or more local web applications to get the edu-ID identifier of organizational members.

1.a) Choose the best moment in the organizational IdM process (at least one of the following):

1.b) Choose an implementation method:

2. Implement attribute synchronization from organization to edu-ID:

Implement attribute push method (preferred) or attribute pull.

3. Testing

Testing and deployment of implementations together with SWITCH.

  • Testing of synchronisation of attributes
  • Testing log-in to services via edu-ID IdP

Testing Instructions