Roadmap and Current Activities

The edu-ID team would like to inform the community and users of edu-ID transparently about current activities and long-term planning. The activities mentioned are not exhaustive and we are open to further suggestions from the Swiss university community.

Current Tasks

  • European Student Identifier (ESI)
    Attribute support European Student Identifier planned for early 2023.
  • SWITCH edu-ID & M365
    What's currently possible and what can we support in near future? A proper documentation.
  • SWITCH edu-ID Passwordless Login
    Support for passwordless login, WebAuthn & Passkey in evaluation and planned.
  • Simplification of Account Management Processes
    Simplify account creation, account linking, account recovery, activation of multi-factor authentication etc.
  • High-Quality Identification
    Offer ID-card based identification for special purpose services.
  • SWITCH edu-ID User Interface & Experience
    Improving the look and feel of the edu-ID including responsive user interfaces.
  • Extend Support for OpenID Connect
    Classic Attribute Model, enhanced support for developers.

Strategic Directions

  • Support Digitization Initiatives at Universities
    Additional services around the identity of a student, e.g. digital signatures, diplomas, digital documents etc.
  • Extend Federation Footprint
    Increase number of participating organizations, services and users
  • SWITCH edu-ID & Swiss e-ID
    Participation in the concepts for the future e-ID with first proof-of-concepts
  • Maintain Governance by Swiss universities
    Implement new requirements from the higher education community.
  • Maintain High Data-Protection Standards
    Data protection is a core value of our service. As a non-profit foundation, we are an important trust anchor of the Swiss IT landscape.

Guidelines for Prioritization

We prioritize based on the needs of our university community, so talk to us! If you, as an organization, have important topics that we should know about, please let us know at

  1. Generate added value for the community
  2. Alignment with strategic principles
  3. Maximize benefit/cost ratio for development and operation