SWITCH edu-ID for Universities and other Organizations

Universities and other organizations can integrate their identity management with SWITCH edu-ID. These are the benefits:

  • Universities can provide identities of their members in the SWITCHaai identity federation without having to operate their own identity provider (IdP). SWITCH runs an IdP on behalf of the universites.
  • Infrastructure and user data remain under full control of the SWITCH community.
  • edu-ID has good support not only for regular university members (students, staff, teachers), but also loosely coupled user groups like alumni, further education students, guests, project partners, library walk-in users etc.
  • SWITCH edu-ID fully manages user credentials like passwords or other authentication methods.
  • SWITCH edu-ID supports strong authentication with 2-step login.
  • Support for multiple identity and access management protocols: SAML, OpenID Connect and SCIM.
  • Supports linking with other academic identities like ORCID.
  • Maintains the highest security standards, user data protection by design, high performance and high availability.
  • The service is continuously extended to interoperate with other identity federations like edulog, the governmental e-ID, self-sovereign identity (SSI).


What needs to be done to integrate the IdM of a university or organization with edu-ID? Follow these steps.