Access to SWITCHdrive & SWITCHengines


Consult the SWITCHdrive help site



Which email/username and password should I use?

You can access SWITCHdrive & engines with your SWITCH edu-ID account.
In case of problems

Login failed - What should I do if I have an active SWITCH edu-ID account but can't access SWITCHdrive?

Got the following error whereas you can log in to your SWITCH edu-ID profile and used the correct email and password?



Just having a SWITCH edu-ID account is not sufficient to be allowed to use SWITCHdrive.
Your organisation must subscribe for the service and you have also to register for it - see the following instructions.
In case of doubt use the link "registered SWITCHdrive here" that you see in the error message.

  • You need to link your SWITCHaai account to your SWITCH edu-ID identity first
  • Then register for the SWITCHdrive service at Once done the access button will become green.

How can I register for SWITCHdrive with a voucher?

You've got a voucher for SWITCHdrive (e.g. a link with form
Make sure to use it within 30 days (afterwards the voucher will expire).

NOTE: If you encounter problems as error messages, check first if you have selected "SWITCH edu-ID" as your organisation in the drop-down list and delete all browser cookies. Ev. start again the process (e.g. with your SWITCHdrive voucher or the SWITCH edu-ID registration token).

A step by step guide for use of vouchers can be found on the SWITCHdrive help site.