General remarks:

  • All prices in this document are reference prices, and not a binding offer.
  • Special conditions apply for joint organizations, virtual organizations and consortia.
  • All prices in CHF excl. VAT.
  • Generally only productive services are charged. Services on the test infrastructure are free of charge if they are used to the usual extent.
  • A setup fee also covers the recurring annual costs of the first year.
  • The customer groups (beneficaries, ERI community, CIO) are described here.

Services for organizations

  Foundation's beneficiaries (Swiss Universities) Extended ERI community and CIO
edu-ID IdP: adding and operating one home organization in the federation.
Includes hosted IdP, usage of attribute synchronization APIs, linking service, support for technical staff, end-user support, usage of 2-step login.
Requires Federation Partner Plus status.
IdP operation - for up to 1000 members in the federation 0.- 6000.- / year
IdP operation - for 1000 up to 20'000 members in the federation 0.- 1.- / registered user / year
IdP operation - for more than 20'000 members in the federation 0.- negotiable


Additional services for organizations (optional)

Proxy service: to make services with non conforming attributes or profiles compatible with the federation.    
Proxy setup charging by expense
Proxy operation 1000.- / year 2000.- / year
Azure AD authentication for one mail domain 0.- 2000.- / year
Azure AD authentication: additional mail domain 1000.- / year 1500.- / year
SPNEGO-based Kerberos Authentication 5000.- / year 8000.- / year
Enabling the IdP for Interfederation 0.- 1000.- / year
Hosted Pull Connector: Implementation and operation of a custom AP-API connector to synchronize affiliations from an organizational directory (i.e. for email-based linking) 2000.- / year 2500.- / year
Staging IdP for migration testing: Setup, operation for one year, configuration and user support 5400.- 7000.-

Services for service providers

  Foundation's beneficiaries (Swiss universities) extended ERI community and CIO
Adding and operating a service to the federation
via SAML or OIDC protocol.
Includes usage of classic attribute model, edu-ID only configuration, 2-step login, attributes with quality loa1 and loa2, basic developer support.
Requires Federation Partner Basic or Plus status.
for users who are member of a beneficiary organization 0.- 0.-
for users who are not member of a beneficiary organization 0.- 1.- / active user / year


Additional options for service providers (optional)

Enabling up to 3 services in interfederation 0.- 1800.- / year
Configuring one SP Notification 0.- 500.- / year
Setting up one Tools API user 0.- 500.- / year