Costs for the virtual machines are billed on a pay-per-use basis. For the detailed prices, see To determine the costs, the resource usage is measured for the items which have a cost:

  • Virtual CPU
  • RAM
  • Disk space (ephemeral storage / Volumes / Object storage / SSD storage)
  • Public IPv4 addresses
  • Software Licenses

In 2018, the costs are determined as follows:

  • Running VMs: vCPU, RAM, IPv4 addresses and ephemeral storage (usually the 20 GB predefined by the flavor)
  • Storage: volumes used on Ceph (as presented on the SWITCHengines user interface as Volumes) and object storage.
  • If the VMs are stopped only the public IPv4 addresses are taken into account for the bill, the vCPU/RAM and ephemeral storage are not.

 As of 1.4.2018: Microsoft software (in particular the operating system Microsoft Windows Server) are billed. The usage of the Windows Server Images is billed on a per virtual CPU core basis per time unit.

Usage reports

Designated contacts of the institutions have access to SWITCHengines usage reports on

The reports are provided in CSV format described in the following. The table has the following headers:

Tenant Region ObjectType ObjectID ObjectName ObjectDescription StartDate EndDate Price(CHF)

In the columns the following information is listed:

Tenant: OpenStack project name

Region: OpenStack region (Lausanne or Zurich)

ObjectType: Type of resource (Virtual Machine, Volume, Software, ...). SWITCHengines education VMs are identified by "Virtual Machine (education)"

ObjectID: Reference to identify the resoure

ObjectName: Name for the object provided by the user in case of VMs or volumes. In case of the IP address it's the IP address itself.

ObjectDescription: Further information about the resource such as:

  • For VMs: the VM flavor used
  • For storage: Amount of GB used
  • For IPs: the internally used IP address (if available)

StartDate: Start of usage (in ISO8601 format). Either it's the date of the start of the billing period (beginning of the quarter: 1.1. / 1.4. / 1.7. / 1.10.) or the date the resource was created / started.

EndDate: End of usage (in ISO8601 format). Either it's the date of the end of the billing period (end of the quarter: 30.3. / 30.6. / 30.9. / 31.12.) or teh date the resource was stopped / deleted.

Price(CHF): Price for the period of the usage (start to end date) excl. VAT.

Last update: 29.03.2018