Can I use IPv6 on my tenant network?

Yes, if you have created your own tenant network in the project you can add IPv6 support for all the VMs attached to this network.

Assuming your project already have a tenant network named MY-NET and a router named MY-ROUTER, you can add IPv6 to it using the following actions:

First create a new subnet named MY-IPV6-SUBNET:

openstack subnet create \
  --ip-version 6 \
  --ipv6-ra-mode dhcpv6-stateless \
  --ipv6-address-mode dhcpv6-stateless \
--network MY-NET \
--use-default-subnet-pool \

And attach this new subnet to the router:

openstack router add subnet MY-ROUTER MY-IPV6-SUBNET

Notice: creating the new IPv6 capable subnet and attaching it to the router can be done with the SWITCHengines dashboard too. 

Next the SWITCHengines administrators need to make sure that the required return routes exist on the upstream routers. Please send an email to and to tell us the region and UUIDs of the router and the IPv6 subnet. 

Unfortunately the discovery and configuration of these return routes is still a mostly manual process. But we can hope to automate it eventually. Please contact us and we'll do our best to help.