Object Storage

SWITCHengines offers an S3 object storage service. The service is compatible with the Amazon S3 API, but some special AWS features are not supported.

The S3 service is easy to use, with a simple web services (REST) interface to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the web.

SWITCHengines Object Storage Overview

Storage Backend Region Endpoints Description
Cloudian Hyperstore S3  ZH  ZH: https://s3-zh.os.switch.ch 

S3 object storage based on Cloudian Hyperstore.
Very high S3 compatibility.

Disabled by default; may be enabled via a support request.

Ceph Object Gateway


ZH: https://os.zhdk.cloud.switch.ch 

LS:  https://os.unil.cloud.switch.ch 

S3 object Storage ased on Ceph Object Gateway.
Supports basic S3 features. Enabled by default.

SWITCHengines recommends:

You can connect to our S3 service via various clients. In the Clients & Libraries section, you can find more information about this topic.