Why does the SSH login not work?

Have you made sure that your machine is reachable and that port 22 is open? Good. It still doesn't work? Bad!

You haven't defined a public key that will be stored on the virtual machine. 

There are two ways to import your public key, so that you can access your virtual machines:

  • In the left column of the dashboard interface, click on Access & Security
  • Select the Keypairs tab
  • Click on Import Keypair - enter a name and paste in the public part of your SSH key (usually in ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub)
  • When you now start a new virtual machine, you can select the key in the Access & Security tab of the dialog to start a new VM (the first key will be preselected automatically)

You can also do the importing in the Access & Security tab of the dialog box where you create a new VM.

You could also create a new keypair and download the private key to your computer for future use.

If you already have a virtual machine running, that has no key assigned (that would be the case, when you come to this topic for the first time), you will - unfortunately - have to terminate your VM and create a a new one, once you have imported or created an SSH key, as the key is only placed inside the new VM upon first launch.